Live Trading signals on your phone

AI generated trading signals considering 26 trusted technical indicators

Our AI is following all the markets for you 24/7 and analyzes the data. Once there is a signal you get it straight to your phone

Stay informed anytime and anywhere

Here is how it works, it's Simple!

Get an AI generated signal

Select a Symbol

You have the search bar in which you can search between hundreds of symbols and contracts. Currency pairs, Commodities, Indices, Stocks, Crypto – it is all here.

Get the signal

Get the signal

You will see the Summary which is showing the impact from the 26 technical indicators. It goes from Strong SELL to Strong BUY. It is only up to you what you will do with this information.

Technical indicators

26 technical indicators

The AI is following 24/7 26 different technical indicators. It constantly updaets which indicators are buying signals and which are selling signals. You will also have full access to those indicators and their current statuses.

Smart Notification

Never miss a signal

Your AI assistant will be sending notifications for your favorite symbols. You will know anytime whent there is a signal for¬† Buy or Sell. You can select to follow the symbols on 10 timeframes!¬

AI generated signals that give you real data

The AI works for you. The AI will follow multiple markets 24/7 instead of you. AI will present you the data. Based on the AI analyses YOU will make an informed decision. Don’t forget the final decision is always yours, the AI is just your assistant.

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